Reformer Pilates Sessions

Reformer Pilates is a combination of traditional Pilates exercises with the strengthening and toning aspects of circuit training. Our classes have a maximum of 5 participants and are performed on a spring resistance apparatus called a Reformer Bed.

Our Reformer group sessions are designed to provide an effective General Workout. Our instructors will lead the group through a program of exercises, with modifications for differing abilities. The program includes Abdominal exercises, Legs and Arms in straps, Chest exercises, Rowing and Seated exercises. Reformer Pilates aims to target the whole body through continuous, precise, controlled movements. These functional exercises engage the core, while delivering
cardiovascular conditioning. Classes are booked for 60 minute sessions.

If you have chronic back pain, are coming back from an injury or are pregnant or post natal, a one-on-one session would be best to assess your situation.

Classes Offered